Occasionally I come across a prospective client who feels that my fee is too high. They assume or
have been told by someone that they should be able to hire a Disc Jockey for about $200.
Although I strive to keep my fee as reasonable as I possibly can for the amount of quality service
that I provide, no entertainer with a sizable investment in professional equipment and training can
afford to perform for $200. As in the case of a wedding reception,
it is not wise to put one of the most important days of your life into the hands
of the lowest bidder!
Would you hire a Doctor or Lawyer based on the lowest fee? I don't think so, nor should you!

Below is a list of some of the differences between a $200 DJ and a
Professional Disc Jockey Entertainer.


1. Uses only Pro-Audio sound equipment & wireless microphone, for the best in high quality sound.
2. Uses only black extension cords. He understands that any cords visible to the client must be black.
3. Uses Professional plastic resin or black-carpeted cases for the best in appearance at your event.
4. Wears a polo style shirt, clean jeans or trousers, sneakers or work shoes for a consistently neat appearance when setting up.
5. Performs in a tuxedo or themed costume unless other wise instructed by client.
6. Has varied music library spanning the last 50 to 70 years in many genres. The professional disc jockey realizes that he will be performing for many different age groups and wants to satisfy everyone.
7. The professional never even thinks about drinking alcohol at your event. Water or soda is his drink of choice.
8. Makes the phone ring. He calls on hotels, banquet halls, restaurants and other facilities that can use his services.
9. Is a legit business and is concerned about liability to his client as well as himself.
10. Always carries back-up equipment to assure the client that their party will not end early due to equipment failures.

$200 DJ

1. Loves his home stereo equipment so much, he takes it with him to every job.
2. Carries a duffle bag full of orange extension cords, ruining wedding photos.
3. Carries lots of Rubbermaid products to house his gear. It beats hauling it around in the original boxes.
4. Unloads and sets up his equipment at your function wearing cut-off jeans, a muscle shirt and flip-flops.
5. Wears casual clothing to DJ your event
6. Has limited music library usually catering to his musical taste.
7. He has a few beers at your event because he feels more like a party after having several drinks.
8. Waits for the phone to ring.
9. Does not have a business license or liability insurance because his business is a side-line and feels he doesn't need it.
10. Does not have back-up equipment or has low quality back-up equipment.

My exclusive 7-point "Peace of Mind" Guarantee
"What is the value that Dancing DJ Entertainment will deliver to me for my wedding reception?"

1. Personal Service Guarantee
Dancing DJ Entertainment Guarantees that the DJ/Entertainer that you will have at your wedding reception is in fact...Ken Doster the Dancing DJ.

I will NEVER sub-contract your event to another DJ even if I know I can book another event for more money. It is unethical and unthinkable for me to "unload a client" to a cheaper DJ service so that I can make a few more dollars. That does not happen at our company!

Value: $?   What is the value in knowing who your DJ/Entertainer is?

2. Event Planning Guarantee
Dancing DJ Entertainment Guarantees to help you not only with the music selections, but help plan your reception with pre-wedding consultations by phone, e-mail, or in-person. This can involve as little as a couple of hours to as much as 15-25 hours or more depending on the complexities of your event.When you book Dancing DJ Entertainment, you are not simply getting a 4 hour performance; in reality you get a multi-hour professionally planned entertainment package.

Value: $?  How much do elite professionals in other fields charge per hour? $100, 200, more?

3. Coordination with other Professionals Guarantee
Dancing DJ Entertainment Guarantees to help coordinate the reception (and ceremony if hired for such) in conjunction with your other wedding professionals well BEFORE your wedding reception. This means you can rest assured that everyone (Photographers, Videographers, Caterers, etc.) will be supplied with a time-line production sheet of events for your reception.

Value: $?  Valuable peace of mind that I include at no extra charge.

4. Website Guarantee
Dancing DJ Entertainment Guarantees to have this website: available for you with as little downtime (due to server maintenance) as possible.
For a lot of out of state clients, this is the most valuable service I offer. This helps them to plan their wedding despite the fact they live over 1,000 miles from the venue. There is a wealth of information that has taken countless hours to compile for your convenience.

Value: $?  Available at any time for your planning convenience. (You tell me)

5. Formal Dance Guarantee
Dancing DJ Entertainment Guarantees to have all of the songs for your formal dances and other special songs so long as I am given the formal music list 30 days prior to your event and it is a song that is "Commercially available in the United States". This means it can not be out of print, or be a song only available by import.

These are the 12 songs included: (You can exclude any of these that do not apply to your event)
1. Bridal Party Introduction Song
2. Bride & Groom Introduction Song
3. Cake Cutting Ceremony
4. Bride & Groom 1st Dance
5. Father/Bride Dance
6. Mother/Groom Dance
7. Bridal Party Dance
8. Anniversary Dance
9. Garter Removal Music
10. Bouquet Toss Music
11. Garter Toss Music
12. Exit Song for Bride & Groom

This is VOID if the formal music selections are made less than 30 days from the event

We have over 16,000 of the best songs available for your wedding reception. Everything from 1920s and 1930s big band, to the jazz greats, to classic rock, country, Latin, hip hop and Top 40 of every generation including today's hits!

Value: $?  "Priceless"

6. Performance Guarantee
Dancing DJ Entertainment Guarantees that we will actually be at the venue  and perform on the date and hours stated on your contract, or we will DOUBLE your money back (as stated in our performance agreement) with the exception of any Acts of God such as floods, earthquakes, etc. preventing me from performing.

Dancing DJ Entertainment Guarantees that we will arrive at your event at least 60 minutes BEFORE the contracted start time or you will receive a 50% refund.


Because this assures you that we are totally prepared to deliver the best DJ Entertainment possible and that we can and will be properly attired and ready to perform by the time your guests arrive.
If your reception starts late because we are tardy, you will receive a 100% refund!
This has NEVER happened because we are always on time! Our reputation depends on it!

Value: $?   $2000, $3000, maybe more?

7. Proper Attire Guarantee
Dancing DJ Entertainment Guarantees that we will be properly attired for your event. Typically in a tuxedo for weddings and other formal events.

If you are having a less formal reception, a suit or sports coat can be worn, if you choose.
Themed event – a matching themed costume.
It is up to you.

Value: $?  At least the cost of a tuxedo rental.

Every portion of our guarantee starts with these words: "Dancing DJ Entertainment Guarantees".  It is a "personal guarantee" and that is what separates ours from many of the other "guarantees". Ours is in writing - on the contract.

There is a lot on the line during your wedding day. This is the biggest milestone of your lives together. So why trust your first-rate day to a second-rate service?

So, with that in mind...
"What is the value that Dancing DJ Entertainment will deliver to me for my wedding reception?"
Call 407-293-5673 to find out!


Good Investments Pay for Themselves
I am sure in your search for Entertainment you have heard the stories of Djs not showing up, Djs acting unprofessionally, etc.
Unfortunately sometimes these stories are true. But, Dancing DJ Entertainment offers an exclusive "7-Point Peace of Mind Guarantee" to put you at ease!
You may invest slightly more than you budgeted or expected, but in the end, good investments pay off!

DJ Horror Story
     This story is of a New Hampshire woman who posts on The Knot website as "happynutting".
     On June 11, 2005, she had a wonderful wedding day in Greenfield, New Hampshire. The sun was shining, the dress was beautiful. Everything was perfect except for one detail that overshadowed all of the good...her Disc Jockey. Her frugality in finding a Disc Jockey/Entertainer came back to haunt her not only once, but TWICE.
      This is "happynutting" in her own words:
     "To preface, I was frantically trying to find a DJ  5 weeks before the wedding because our other DJ didn't work out. My mother in law found this guy in the phonebook (error number 1). I met with him and he seemed decent...I wasn't too concerned (but I was slightly, error number 2). Called his references, they all said he was great...can't understand that, maybe they were family or friends of his.

He charged $395.00 for 4 hours and was not even close to worth it.
· He showed up LATE
He called the best man by the wrong name: Jason instead of James
He did not play ANYTHING on our must play list...but instead played songs that I would never have requested!
He did not interact with the crowd.
Messed up the mother/ groom song.
Didn't play anything when we went to cut the cake until I asked him to.
Didn't do the dollar dance.
Got to leave early because most of our guests were gone before we were.
The list could go on and on and on, but you get the point. Needless to say, I was not happy with him and have written him a letter asking for a refund. "

He did NOT provide the services he said he would!
       Dancing DJ Entertainment would NEVER allow this to happen thanks to my exclusive "7-Point Peace of Mind Guarantee" which you have read above!

      If you are looking for Peace of Mind for your wedding day, maybe we should talk. Please call me, Ken Doster at 407-293-5673. You’ll be glad you did!

I look forward to helping you "Create a Fun, Unique, and Memorable Event!"